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Protection From Abuse

A Protection from Abuse order (PFA) is a document that is signed by a judge that tells the alleged abuser to stop the abuse or face serious legal consequences. It offers civil legal protection from domestic violence to both female and male victims.

What is a PFA?

How can a PFA Order protect me?

The PFA Process

Sexual Violence Protection from Abuse (SVPO)

A Sexual Violence Protection Order (SVPO) is designed to protect victims of sexual violence from further abuse and/or intimidation by their abuser, regardless of whether or not criminal charges have been filed against the perpetrator. Similar in many ways to a Protection From Abuse Order (PFA), the key difference lies in the relationship between the abuser and the victim. While PFAs require an intimate or household relationship between the two parties, a SVPO does not and is available to victims of sexual violence who are at continued risk of harm from their perpetrator.

Who can be protected by a Sexual Violence Protection Order?

SVPOs offer civil protection to any victim of sexual violence who is at risk of further harm by the perpetrator. Parents or guardians may seek SVPOs on behalf of minor children. Protections can be extended to other designated persons who are also shown to be at risk of harm.

What type of relief does a Sexual Violence Protection Order offer?

SVPOs prohibit an offender from having any contact with the victim. Protections can include preventing the offender from entering a victim’s home, workplace, or school. SVPO protection can also be expanded to prevent intimidation/contact from a third party on behalf of the offender or to extend protection to related parties, such as parents, siblings, or children of the victim.

Other appropriate relief also may be granted, depending on the circumstances of the sexual assault. Some examples may include:

  • A student who was sexually assaulted by another student and is being made fun of by the perpetrator on Facebook 
  • A tenant who has been fondled by a landlord who threatens her/his housing 
  • An employee who has been raped by a co-worker who threatens him or her 
  • A college student who experiences harassment from a perpetrator’s friends after reporting a campus sexual assault 
  • A child victim whose offender repeatedly drives by the bus stop


For more information on SVPO, click on the following link: Sexual Violence Protection Orders | PCAR

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