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Advocacy and Accompaniment


Advocacy is the act of pleading the cause of another or arguing in favor of an idea or policy. An advocate actively supports, encourages, backs, and promotes someone or something. 

Our Counselors/Advocates are trained to support survivors of domestic and sexual violence. They offer emotional support, victims’ rights information, help in finding needed resources, and assistance in filling out any necessary paperwork or forms. Our Counselors/Advocates frequently accompany survivors and their family members through the medical, criminal, and/or civil legal systems.

Some of our Counselors/Advocates are survivors who have chosen to help others going through their own healing process.

Legal Advocacy

Our Legal Advocates are not attorneys and cannot give you legal advice, but they do provide assistance and support to survivors of domestic and sexual violence as they navigate the criminal and civil legal system. 

Legal Advocates are available for accompaniment to legal proceedings.  You can also arrange to meet or speak with an advocate outside of court regarding how you are feeling, the legal process, and possible outcomes. A Legal Advocate can inform you of your legal rights and, if necessary, advocate on your behalf with police, prosecutors, and others in the criminal justice system. Our priority is to support you in whatever decisions you make about engaging with the legal system and to assist you in identifying your rights and options as a survivor.


Medical Accompaniment

Upon request, Women’s Services Counselors/Advocates will provide accompaniment to the hospital for survivors of domestic and sexual violence seeking medical care. The focus of accompaniment is to provide emotional support and information. Counselors/Advocates can also talk with you over the phone if in-person services are not preferred. 

Women’s Services provides immediate, in-person support to survivors, including those receiving a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) exam at an area hospital. A SANE exam is a forensic exam performed by a certified, trained nurse that gathers evidence for future use by medical and legal personnel in the pursuit and investigation of a criminal case.

There is no legal requirement that a survivor of sexual violence take a SANE exam, nor is the exam required for a survivor to participate with law enforcement or criminal justice personnel in any criminal or legal proceedings. While survivors have the choice, the time immediately following a sexual assault can be very difficult and confusing, affecting a person’s ability to make decisions. A SANE exam can be a traumatic experience on top of the actual assault. Women’s Services Counselors/Advocates are trained to provide survivors with support, companionship, information, and referrals during this exceptionally painful time.

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